Ceramic that fights corona virus and bacteria*

Antibacterial surfaces are revolutionized by ADVANCE®, an innovative technology that offers a hygienic and environment-friendly solution for ceramic tiles. This new generation of porcelain stoneware, emerging from prolonged research developed in our laboratories in collaboration with Professor Isidoro Lesci and supported by substantial investments, introduces modern colors and designs into the realm of flooring and wall treatments.

ADVANCE® plays a critical role in eliminating viruses, bacteria, and toxic micro-organisms, addressing environmental pollution that poses dangers to health and the environment.

The ceramic material’s intrinsic antiviral, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties significantly aid in eradicating every form of virus and bacteria, as well as other micro-organisms harmful not only to the environment but also to our health.

This pioneering development promises to make homes and public places safer and healthier, ensuring hygiene 24/7 and greatly reducing the reliance on chemical agents or detergents.

After 6 hours of light exposure, ADVANCE® is able to eliminate 100% of coronaviruses and just after 15 minutes it will eliminate 90% of them.

After 8 hours of light exposure,  ADVANCE® fights against different types of bacteria, from a minimum of 95% up to 100%

ADVANCE® Converts volatile pollutants into harmless substances.

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