From architecture to design

Large paving slabs set the stage for the realm of possibilities brought to you by AVASTONE, the hallmark of modern, thick, large-sized paving slabs. Showcasing two finishes—natural and glossy—and available in two robust thicknesses, 12 and 20 mm, AVASTONE paves the way for a broad spectrum of aesthetic solutions, perfectly poised to realize your design visions with a sleek, contemporary flair.

What’s the key concept? Uniqueness. This driving philosophy is evident in every phase of the process: from the initial concept and meticulous laboratory research, to the actual production and the transformation into striking furnishing elements that capture the unparalleled elegance of Italian craftsmanship.

With AVASTONE paving slabs, you have the freedom to infuse every corner of your space with your unique style, crafting furnishing elements with distinct and personal appeal: from kitchen countertops to sophisticated living spaces, and elegant bathroom accessories.

Opt for AVASTONE and turn each of your ideas into a masterpiece of contemporary, minimalistic design that stands out with exceptional uniqueness!


Designing with the confidence of relying on the qualities of ceramic surfaces that maintain their beauty over time. AVASTONE slabs are the perfect choice for projects demanding impeccable hygiene, durability, and resilience. Porcelain stoneware, in fact, remains unaffected by high temperatures, is fully impermeable, and resistant to damage caused by UV rays and atmospheric agents.

We ensure consumers health protection furthermore by providing the MOCA certification, minimizing contamination throughout the entire production chain.

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