May 2, 2024

Modern and Contemporary Design: Why Choose Porcelain Stoneware

Modern porcelain stoneware is one of the most valid and versatile choices for those who want to combine aesthetics and functionality in interior and exterior design. It is indeed a material capable of guaranteeing exceptional performance combined with a versatile and elegant appearance, making it the perfect solution for a modern and sustainable floor even in the long term.

Technical and Aesthetic Characteristics of Porcelain Stoneware

Porcelain stoneware surfaces are distinguished by their ease of cleaning and extraordinary resistance to wear and tear. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor surfaces, this material offers high resistance to scratches and abrasions due to frequent contact. It is also resistant to heavy foot traffic and impacts that can be caused by heavy objects.

Porcelain stoneware is also immune to the effects of corrosive substances and high temperatures and manages to retain its chromatic qualities over time, making it the ideal choice even for outdoor spaces in homes or commercial areas.

AVASTONE products: uniqueness and design with stoneware in the guise of furnishing

AVASTONE porcelain stoneware slabs combine beauty, functionality, practicality and ease of processing. They are ideal for creating furnishing accessories of any shape and size – such as countertops, kitchen tops, bathroom and living room furniture – perfectly coordinating with LA FABBRICA AVA’s floors and coverings. Available in large sizes, these slabs are offered in an exclusive selection that includes varieties such as:

Each AVASTONE slab is the result of a meticulous research and development process, Made in Italy surfaces of superior quality, which combine the most advanced production technologies with skilled craftsmanship. Available in both natural and polished finishes, with thicknesses of 12 and 20 mm, Avastone slabs open up a world of creative possibilities. This line represents the perfect solution for those who want to create spaces with a contemporary and refined look, giving visual uniqueness to every environment.

Benefits of modern porcelain stoneware for interior design projects

Durability and Maintenance

As anticipated, modern porcelain stoneware is celebrated for its exceptional durability, an attribute that makes it particularly suitable for contemporary architectural projects. The advantages of this material choice include:

  • Preservation of appearance over time: Avastone ceramic surfaces maintain their splendor even in the long term, effectively resisting fading and mechanical wear.
  • Minimal maintenance: Unlike many other materials that require periodic treatments, porcelain stoneware requires little more than regular cleaning to maintain its beauty.
  • Extended durability: Choosing porcelain stoneware means investing in long-term savings, ensuring surfaces that do not require special maintenance or frequent replacements.

Safety and Hygiene

Keeping environments clean and safe from a health point of view is an essential aspect both in private homes and in public spaces – such as commercial activities, restaurants or premises. Avastone slabs have been developed precisely with the aim of meeting fundamental needs:

  • Easy-to-sanitize surfaces: The non-porous nature of porcelain stoneware prevents the accumulation of bacteria and dirt, making daily cleaning operations simple and effective.
  • MOCA certification: This certification guarantees that Avastone products are manufactured following strict safety and hygiene standards, significantly reducing the risks of contamination throughout the entire production chain.
  • Ideal for any environment: Whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom or high-traffic area, porcelain stoneware surfaces offer a safe and hygienic environment, ideal for any modern environment.

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