Restaurant-Hotel Kole – Serbia

In Serbia, the team of architects and experts from Primavera Studio developed in 2021 a major reconstruction and renovation project of the Restaurant-Hotel Kole.

Sophisticated, industrial-style design where the open, matt black ceiling forms a backdrop to intertwining golden elements. This detail is also repeated on some of the partition walls, a clear reference to the desire to reconnect with the world after difficult years, where everyone has the opportunity to share their free time with others.

An industrial mood but contaminated at the same time with more traditional materials such as bricks and other natural ones like wood, widely used to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Studio Primavera has been able to create a skilful mix of heterogeneous series, also combining collections with a strong personality through La Fabbrica products.

For example, SPACEthe concrete effect series under the La Fabbrica brand, was selected for the front bar and the side walls of the refreshment area. The eclectic mix of geometric patterns of the orange 20×20 encaustic tiles gave a distinctive touch to the room. A darker shade was instead used in the flooring of bathrooms for a trendy note of elegance.

In the lounge area of the restaurant, the series SCRATCH has been chosen, designed for the AVA brand by architects Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas. The colour Light Graffiti, with its large slabs, is a contemporary product with a metropolitan mood that lends personality to the space in an original way.

Floors were tiled with the PIERRES DES CHATEAUX ADVANCE® series, featuring an innovative technology capable of protecting rooms by making them healthier with guaranteed hygiene 24 hours a day.
In fact, it helps to eliminate harmful viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms and to combat environmental pollution due to the presence of 40% recycled materials.

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