septembre 26, 2022


At Cersaie the new series Tonino Lamborghini and La Fabbrica

MAGMA is a trendy product, a large slab measuring 120×280 cm whose lapped finish unleashes all its elegance and brilliance.
With its interplay of depths and a colour range sometimes very far from natural patterns, this uniquelooking stone-effect surface is able to express itself in bold versions of unparalleled aesthetic value.
There are four colour proposals in the range: Avio, a reminder of the blue of the Oceans in Latin America; Green and its play of light giving it a glassy effect; Natural, the true essence of Patagonia stone and the contrasting Black&White that highlights the profile of the stone, enhancing the morphology of the quartz and rock.
The undisputed character of a design project, a luxury interpretation of a real jewel of nature, MAGMA knows how to give the right accent to a glamorous environment, making it shine with an essential look, through an exclusive and original atmosphere with dreams touches.

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