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Ancyra 60x60 30x60 Nat. Strut. Ret.

Palmyra 30x60 Nat. Strut. Ret. - Palmyra Elemento a "L" 16x30x4,5h Nat. Strut. Ret.

Frigia 60x60 Lap. Liscia Ret.

Ancyra 60X60 30X60 Lap. Liscia Ret. - Decoro Binet 60x60 Lap. Ret.

Decoro Alhambra Elimea 45x90 Lap. Ret.

Palmyra 30x60 Nat. Strut. Ret.

Binet Palmyra 60x60 Lap. Ret.

Elimea 45x90 Nat. Strut. Ret. - Decoro Koi Elimea 45x90 Lap. Ret. - Decoro Alhambra 45x90 Lap. Ret. - Mosaico Elimea 30x30 Nat. Strut. Ret. - Muretto 15x60 Nat. Strut. Ret.

One of the favourite and most widely used materials in architecture for the realization of high prestige works has always been travertine. The Factory has made this millennial preference its own, and presents Stone Art, a collection of floor and wall tiles of extremely high quality and strongly inspired by the colours, forms, and lines of this material.

Stone Art


  • 30x60 Lap. Liscio Ret.
  • 30x60 Nat. Strut. Ret.
  • 45x90 Lap. Liscio Ret.
  • 45x90 Nat. Strut. Ret.
  • 60x60 Lap. Liscio Ret.
  • 60x60 Nat. Strut. Ret.


  • Full body colored porcelain stoneware