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15x15 30x30 30x45 45x45 Aurelia

30x45 Eubea

45x45 30x45 30x30 Farsalo - 16x30x4,5h Farsalo Elemento a "L"

45x45 30x45 30x30 Farsalo - 16x30x4,5h Elemento a "L" Farsalo

15x15 30x30 30x45 45x45 Aurelia - 30x34x5h Gradino Piegato Aurelia

45x45 Granato

30x30 30x45 Mesia - 20x60x100 Mosaico Pavone Mesia

20x60x100 Mosaico Pavone Mesia

15x15 30x30 30x45 45x45 Aurelia - 33,3x33,3 Mosaico Dacos Aurelia - 16x30x4,5h Elemento a "L" Aurelia

33,3x33,3 Mosaico Dacor Aurelia

Inspiration from nature and strength from technology: Pietre Miliari is beauty and resistance. Pietre Miliari is the result of the combination of advanced manufacturing technology and reined and sophisticated design. Advanced technology provides excellent technical qualities such as frost resistance and above all high resistance to breaking thanks to the 12 cm of thick body; the reined and sophisticated design reproduces, through the product, the natural colours typical of natural stone. An aesthetic balance that fully expresses itself in the multiformat layout.

Pietre Miliari


  • 15x15 Nat.
  • 30x30 Nat.
  • 30x45 Nat.
  • 45x45 Nat.


  • Full body porcelain tile






Pietre Miliari