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Matis 40x120 16" x 48" 20mm R11 Nat. Rett.

Kamba 40x120 . 16”x48” 20mm R11 - Gradone Bordo Svasato 40x120 . 16”x48” 20mm R11 - Griglia 20 - 20x60 . 8”x24” 20mm R11

Nawa 40x120 16"x 48" 20mm R11 Nat. Rett.

Nature has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration, a harmony of colours, shapes and sensations. Mahogany and yesquero are trees found in the Amazon, from which very fine wood is obtained; it is so fine that unfortunately these trees are almost extinct. Amazon offers a contemporary vision of the atmospheres of these woods, through sober, elegant and sophisticated ceramic surfaces. Amazon is a collection suitable to decorate any type of space thanks to five shades that range between whitened and brown and a structure that offers a natural feel through marked wood grain effects. All the formats proposed recall the traditional sizes of the floorboards: 120×20 cm and 180×20 cm for interiors and 40×120 cm with a 20 mm thickness and non-slip finish for swimming pools, gardens and terraces or to create areas with a chromatic continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Amazon Outdoor


  • 40x120 Nat. Ret. 20 mm


  • Full body colored porcelain stoneware